GE Renews Its Commitment To Vets In New Coalition

October 15, 2012

Those permanently returning home from the military are not the only ones who seem to be struggling in the world of employment. Turns out, employers are having a likewise challenging time hiring candidates who they presume would be an asset to their company due to an increasing issue of a "skills gap."

However, this upcoming January, six million dollars will be invested towards the expansion of a "Get Skills to Work Coalition" program across nine major US cities that will be equally beneficial for both those seeking employment, as well as those pursuing skilled employees.

GE, a member of our Hire A Veteran Honor Roll, is one of 4 companies in the new Coalition, joining Alcoa Inc, Boeing Co and Lockheed-Martin Corp.

In the next five years, as veterans continue to retire, an additional 2.5 million manufacturing positions are estimated to open up. This program, which will break ice at Cincinnati State Technical and Community College in Ohio, plans to focus on "translating military skills into equivalent civilian job functions."

Hire A Veteran salutes GE for its continued commitment to finding veterans jobs. To check out more organizations on the Honor Roll, click here.