10 Infamous Celebrity Tattoos

May 23, 2013
Celebrities are just like us. They have wants, needs, and at least once in their lifetime have locked their keys inside their car. That also means they're prone to making mistakes, and sometimes those mistakes are some truly awful tattoos.

There's a new season of Tattoo Nightmares premiering on May 28 at 10/9c which seeks to undo the damage from the awful decisions regular folks like you and me have made in the tattoo parlor. But celebrities could use some fixing too. Until we get around to doing a star-studded season, here are some of the more infamous tats that could use a good cover-up or removal.


Photo: UK Press/Getty Images

Tom Arnold was so smitten with then-wife Roseanne that to prove his love, he got a tattoo of her. Unfortunately it wasn't flattering, as she seemed to be sporting an insincere smile and for some reason the artist gave her a Beatles haircut. Then there's the issue that, being actors, the marriage didn't last very long.

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