Florida Teacher Fired For Wearing Bikini

May 2, 2008


Tiffany Shepard, a 30-year-old mother of three is claiming she was fired from her job as a biology teacher at Florida’sPort Lucie High Schoolfor wearing a revealing bikini and working as a “bikini mate” aboard the Smokin' Em Charters fishing tours.  (Only in Florida would they have something like“Hooters Afloat" with fishing.)Tiffany took on the second job to support her kids after going through adivorce earlier this year. She said "I can make $600 in two days(fishing), that's a week's pay for me in two days." According to the Palm Beach Post:

Smokin' Em Charters, a Port St. Lucie-basedcompany, gained notoriety earlier this month when it was kicked out of the Fort Pierce city marinafor violating the city's family-friendly atmosphere. The charter company's Website has pictures of some of the bikini mates, many of them partially nude, andsays the only job requirement is to look "hot in a bikini."

The school district has come out and saidshe was fired because she’d missed more than 30 days of work and that theydidn’t know of her second job until after she’d been given the boot.

In the meantime, Tiffany is continuing herwork as a bikini mate. She hopes to return to teaching soon...as do scores of malestudents across Florida.

For more pictures, check out WWTDD or thePalm Beach Post's photo gallery.