WW2 US MARINES vs. Nazi waffen SS

October 16, 2010

Beginning assessment: The nazi waffen SS hitlers ruthless elite body guard who brought russia to it's knees in ww2 vs. The US marines the well trained soldiers who fought off the herahito's empire, Who is deadliest?

US marines: colt M1911, M2 flamethrower, M1a1 thompson, M1903 springfield, M1 garand, MK2 frag,

Nazi waffen SS: Mauser c96, Flamenwerfer 41, Mp28, Kar98, G43, Bouncing betty

Colt m1911 vs. Mauser c96: The colt m1911 is a 7 round magazine 45. caliber pistol made by colt in 1911, the mauser c96 is a 20 round 9mm machine pistol made by mauser in 1895. Each one has a distinct advantage the colt is 45. cal therefore it guarantees much more stopping power but the mauser holds more rounds and is capable of fully automatic fire. Therefore the mauser gets the edge

M2 flamethrower vs. Flamenwerfer41: While the flammenwerfer is very capable it's maximum range isn't as good as the m2's, the m2 is also slightly lighter therefore it gets the edge.

M1a1 thompson vs. Mp28: Let's start by comparing stats (This may sound little biast but it's not) the Mp28 holds a maximum of 50 rounds (Drum magazine) the thompson holds a maximum of 100 rounds (Box magazine), The mp28 fires 25mm times 7.62 the thompson fires 45 caliber therefore it's much more lethal, The thompson fires inbetween 600 to 1200 round a minute the mp28 fires 500 rounds a minute, the thompson weighs around 11 pounds while the mp28 weighs around 9 pounds. After researching all this a definite edge goes to the Thompson although the mp28 is slightly more accurate to the best of my knowledge.

Kar98 vs. Springfield: Both have very good range of about 1000 yards they both hold the same ammo their both bolt action therefore it's a draw.

M1 garand vs. G43: They both weight about the same however the g43 holds a little more ammo and has a significant amount more range therefore it gets the edge.

MK2 FRAG vs. boucning betty: Although both are very different the edge goes the mk2 because of it's more deadly shrapnal and explosion.

Battle: 5 US Marines wonder down a half destroyed city. There are destroyed cars and buildings as far the eye can see. They look around cautiously. Meanwhile 5 Nazi waffen SS members trudge along a beat up road and spot them. A waffen SS member raises his gewelheer and opens fire killing one. Marines=4 Waffen SS=5

The 4 remaining marines run behind a car while 4 SS members advance into a nearby building while one stays behind to snipe. The marines look over into the building and open fire. The waffen SS ducks down, and a firefight breaks out.  Just then another Marine is shot by the sniper. Realizing there cover is not safe one throws a grenade killing a waffen ss member. Marines=3 Waffen SS=4

In the confusion of the explosion the marines run to a nearby house. They see waffen SS members advancing and open fire. The sniper takes another and misses. The marines reealize there exposed again and run. The nazi's pursue while firing. The marines run into a house this time however the waffen SS send a soldier after them. The SS soldier moves into a beat up kitchen where he sees a marine loading his sniper. He raises his mauser but is charged another marine who pins him and chokes him to death. Marines=3 Waffen SS=3

Hearing their allies muffled screams the SS Moves forward raising their machine guns. Meanwhile a Marine sneaks over looking for the sniper. He spots the SS sniper sniper about a half mile away in a half destroyed building. He makes it to the building however is killed by a bouncing betty. Marines=2 Waffen SS=3

The 2 SS members move forward. When they hear a gun shot and look to see their sniper falling from a buidling. They then run to cover hearing the springfield relentlessly firing. They see a side entrance to the building then run in. A marine looks over and shoots one of the SS members with his m1911. Marines=2 Waffen SS=1

The SS member hides behind a table and loads his mauser he looks over and shoots the marine. Then runs upstairs where he believes the sniper to be. He opens the door. The marine then jumps and starts choking him. The SS drops his pistol then by accident then throws the marine off balance. The marine falls down the stairs. He sees the SS member running for his mauser and charges. He's punched backwards as the SS member screams. The SS member runs at his mauser he reaches down to grab it but is tacklled by the persisting marine. The marine grabs the and aims down into the mouse of SS member and pulls the trigger. Marines=1 Waffen SS=0


Waffen SS:471

Colt m1911: 51

M1 garand:50


M2 flamethrower:40

Springfield: 57

MK2 Frag: 24

Mauser c96: 70

G43: 110

Mp28: 151

Flamenwerfer41: 49

K98: 61

Boucning Betty: 30

Ending assessment: Marines won because their weapons were btter and more lethal