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Sexy One-Eyed Artist Wants You to See

by Reverend_Danger   November 19, 2008 at 2:42PM  |  Views: 305

After Tanya Vlach of San Francisco lost her eye in a car accident in 2005, she received a squishy prosthetic eye. While it must be a total blast at parties, she’s looking for more.  So she’s made a public outcry on her blog for experts to engineer a webcamera that would fit inside her eye.  It would substitute for her left field of vision and allow her to record her life. 

She’s gathered some statistics about webcams (presumably from the Google machine) but claims “I’m no engineer!”  She needs your help, would-be geek heroes.  Here are the specs:


MPEG-4? Recording

Built in SD mini Card Slot

4 GB SD mini Card

Mini A/V out

Firewire / USB drive

Optical 3X

Remote trigger

Bluetooth wireless method

Inductors: (Firewire/USB, power source)

External Mobile Application:

Acts as remote

Power source


Other Advanced options:

Wireless charger

Sensors that respond to blinking enabling camera to take still photos, zoom, focus, and turn on and off.

Dilating pupil with change of light.

Infrared / Ultraviolet