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Theodora Richards: Closet Wrestling Fan?

by spike.com   March 03, 2011 at 1:45PM  |  Views: 4,497

The daughter of rock legend Keith Richards was arrested, possibly for showing her loyalty to her favorite wrestling company.

The fine people at Gothamist.com, a blog dedicated to life in New York City, reported that Theodora Richards was arrested last night for scrawling graffiti on the side of a building.

The original report mentioned that she had written "TNA" on the wall of a SoHo convent, leading Gothamist to suggest that Richards could conceivably be a fan of Spike's own TNA iMPACT. While the story has since been updated, it certainly caught our eyes.

After all, Keith Richards, in the annals of rock history is certainly Immortal. And even if she's just living off a trust fund, she's got to be worth a Fortune. What's more, an arrest like this would certainly leave her embarrassed. As she was brought into the precinct her face was definitely Crimson. And allegedly defacing a convent? She'll need to take that up with The Pope.

But there may be room in TNA for Theodora Richards yet. With celebrities like JWoww and Angelina of "Jersey Shore" and Bart Scott all appearing at TNA recently, it's becoming a place to be seen, to say the least.

Where would a fashion model who hangs out in the perpetually trendy SoHo neighborhood find a home in TNA?

The Beautiful People, of course.

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Image Source: Theo Wargo/WireImage/Getty Images


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