Gerry Duggan Talks Deadpool, Marvel NOW! & Brian Posehn's Old Glove Smell

November 7, 2012

All Access online contributor Kevin Marshall got a chance to speak with Deadpool co-writer Gerry Duggan about Deadpool #1 (on sale today and part of the Marvel NOW! initiative), getting to work with artist Tony Moore, Dead Presidents, what co-writer Brian Posehn smells like, and a lot more. Check out the full interview below.

What attracted you to Deadpool? Was it just the humor?

GD: No, it was the chance to send him careening through the Marvel universe, do some big action and torture him a little bit. That will come later...

What's the process in writing with Brian? Do you find it easier or more difficult than writing on your own?

GD: It's different - and easier - to write comedy. One guy will bail out the other or have a great save, or a last minute funny pitch for a balloon. Having a writing partner is like having a sniper watching out for you. It's another set of eyes with a different perspective that might have the perfect shot to knock down a problem.

As a fan, what's your history with the character? How far back does it go?

GD: New Mutants #98. For real. And then I came in and out - some years in college I couldn't afford comics, but when I came back I always enjoyed Deadpool.

Do you find that coming from a writing background helps in writing comics?

GD: I'm not sure the TV writing is necessarily a wonderful asset. I will say this: being a part of a small team that was responsible to help fill an hour of live TV every week day, you have to work fast. And I think that might be the one quality that translates directly to a monthly comic. I wrote a comic with Phil Noto for Image that I learned a lot on. I threw out drafts of scripts and started over, I think some of those experiences in self-publishing made me a better writer today.

Since you had a slight edge in experience, was there a learning curve for Brian or have you two just worked together so long that it just meshed?

GD: Nah, we've written together so much over the years that it was like slipping on an old glove. Seriously, Brian smells like an old glove. You get used to it.

Why Dead Presidents?

GD: We wanted to open on a big, fun action idea that would give us opportunity for comedy. We were also hoping that America would be sick of politics when they woke up on the day that issue 1 debuted. I'm happy to say that seems to be the case.

What was your reaction when they suggested Tony as an artist?

GD: Honestly, I felt stupid because I didn't blurt it out first. This book is his finest work, I think. I'm biased, but it's just tremendous. The cover price is worth it for his contribution alone.

Is there anything beyond the opening arc you have coming up that you want to/can share?

GD: The end of this arc is rough for Deadpool. In the next arc he does something quite awful.

If you could write one other book, what would it be?

GD: Honestly, we're grateful for the chance to write Deadpool right now. If there are Marvel characters that we're itching to write, they'll be dropping by the book. There are some really fun cameos coming up. I don't want to blow it for you though.

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Deadpool #1 is on sale now. Pick it up at your local comic shop or online at

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