Can It Get Any Worse Than This?

by dsussman   July 10, 2008 at 3:43PM  |  Views: 53


Little sister to Lindsay and star of the reality show Living Lohan, Ali Lohan has released a horrible new pop song called 'All The Way Around'. Woo hoo. Ali recently said the sound of her upcoming album is different from fellow teen star Miley Cyrus: "She's really good," Ali tells PEOPLE. "But I have different music than her. It's a different vibe – it's definitely a different vibe. Mine is more hip-hop. Kind of like Rihanna." That was deep.

Riahnna is her inspiration?! Really? Well, I guess that means Ali accomplished exactly what she set out to do because the song is totally an overproduced piece of garbage. Score! This girl is barley 14 and she has absolutely no idea how to sing. Her mom was probably in the studio moving her lips for her. Get ready to puke…