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Koscheck vs. Alves

by gdesanctis   October 26, 2008 at 2:29AM  |  Views: 249

Round 1:

Koscheck almost finds himself in early trouble as his hits air on a wild leg kick and falls to the mat. Alves hurts him bad with a combo and drops him like a rock. Koscheck grabs Alves' leg and then recovers to his feet but Alves keep the pressure and continues to takes shots from Alves. Koscheck takes a serious kick to the head but stays on his feet then shoots in for a takedown to weather the storm and seems to have recovered quickly from the early attack. Seeing Koscheck recover, Alves' spirits may be damaged after that exchange more than Koschek's body and now, it's Koscheck on the offensive. Kos blocks a swift head kick from Alves. The bell dings.
If there were any doubts about Koscheck's preparedness for this fight, they're gone. Great round.

Round 2:

Koscheck is looking for the uppercut, but ends up eating one from Alves. Kos throws a nice head kick, but it's blocked by Alves. Koscheck lands a punch that seemed to hurt Alves and he tries to capitalize, but Alves secures the clinch and prevents further damage. Kos and Alves go shot-for-shot with some mean body kicks and they exchange a few punches. Alves continues to chop away at Koscheck with the low kicks. Kos isn't showing it, but those have to be eating away at his spirit. Kos shoots in, but Alves defends. Kos keeps Alves pinned to the fence as both men grab some much needed oxygen.

Round 3:

Kos cracks an awkward smile just before the opening bell. Alves lands bombs and rocks Kos, but again he remains composed and shoots in to recover from a very dangerous situation. Kos is shaky, but takes only seconds to fully recover and he's back in with some takedown attempts. Alves is surprising in his ability to prevent the takedown. Alves lands a finger in Kos' eye and they take a few seconds away from the action for Kos to gain his composure. Action re-opens with more violent exchanges and Alves continues with his Jean Claude-style kicks. Now it's Alves who catches a finger in the eye. Alves lands a painful kick to the leg of Koscheck and he almost buckles but is able to catch himself before hitting the canvas. Koscheck continues to eat those leg kicks but is showing incredible heart as he remains on his feet. Just before the bell, Kos takes a solid shot to the chin as Alves makes his final bid for fight of the night.

It's Alves by unanimous decision.

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