The Eight Strangest Sounding Panels at Comic-Con

July 19, 2011
With our extensive Comic-Con coverage beginning tomorrow and continuing through the weekend, now is a great time to get amped up about all that the event has to offer.

8. So You Want to Be a Comic Book Retailer?

Source: Dustin Sussman/

Ladies, it's hard for me to visualize or even understand your situation, especially in the annals of popular culture. In TV, movies and even comics, the ugly, fat guy can get a date with the hot prom queen but the nerdy, self-assured, and headstrong girl with acne and braces couldn't even get a cup of water from one of the cool kids if she were on fire.

Then again, it's very amusing to realize that this panel that aims to explore how these very real and honest women are portrayed and presented in a guy-centered culture is being held in a setting where thousands of chemically-enhanced women are there to wear skimpy superhero outfits and pretend that they are impressed by the size of the overweight Ash's "boomstick."

What You'll Learn:

- Why the Chun Li impersonator at the "Street Fighter" booth gave you her number, which turned out to be an Arby's in Modesto

- The legal restrictions of a court-imposed restraining order

- That, once again, there are no such things as f***ing zombies, so stop asking

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