Great Moments in eBay History: Sonic the Hedgehog Soundtrack on Vinyl

February 4, 2009

Sega Australia is selling the soundtrack to Sonic the Hedgehog on blue vinyl! Act quickly! Curl into a ball and charge your super burst speed and then roll around a spirally, chequered track to your PayPal account and buy the hell out of this limited addition Sonic Vinyl Record.  There’s only 3,500 in the entire world making them even more precious than floating, spinning gold rings (of which there are thousands).

You can get the record now through the Australian eBay.  It’s like our eBay except the toilets flush backward. The current bid is around $300, but those might be Australian dollars which are basically Monopoly money.  And, even if they’re not, there is no price too high in the eternal war against Dr. Robotnik. 


Image: Sega Aus