Nerds Get More Girls

September 2, 2009

A recent study shows that being nerdy and smart is sexy and that intelligent dudes get the most partners.

Since The Mating Mind by Geoffrey Milller was published a decade ago it has been thought that signs of intelligence resulted in the brainiest people being luckiest in love. Now an American researcher has tested the theory, using Australian birds. Yes, actual birds.

Jason Keagy of the University of Maryland observed the social interaction of satin bowerbirds, an Australian bird known for its intelligence. Keagy chose birds because they are not as complex as humans, they don’t lie, and he’d be able to get a more accurate understanding of their sexual behavior.

Keady designed a series of activities to determine the bird’s problem solving skills and intelligence and found that the smarter the bird, the more female partners he had. He says, “This is the first evidence [in any species] that individuals with better problem-solving abilities are more sexually attractive.”

It might be time to start doing the crossword… or work out how to turn into a satin bowerbird.

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Source: Rebekah Storring/Compassionate Eye Foundation/Getty Images