Mantenna - Wednesday, June 3

June 2, 2009

Melissa Joan Hart gets really insensitive, the guitarist from Stryper is marrying an ex-hooker, and the Scream franchise is getting's the Mantenna!

Source: New Line Cinema

Melissa Joan Hart is Insensitive

Melissa Joan Hart, the former star of Sabrina the Teenage Witch, is on the cover of People magazine looking fit and terrific, having recently lost 42 pounds. Too bad she was overheard saying some meanspirited remarks about Farah Fawcett. Hart was reportedly “overheard off-camera at KTLA in Los Angeles on Friday saying how she'd been hoping last week that cancer-stricken Farrah Fawcett wouldn't die -- and thus bump Hart off the cover of People magazine.” Heartless, but that’s Hollywood. [NY Post]

Stripper Kicks Strip Club Patron

A businessman is a suing a Florida strip club after one of the stripper’s kicked him in the face. Michael Ireland suffered a broken nose and injuries to his eyes after being “struck suddenly and without warning" while watching a strip show. Rod Kimbrough, the manager of the Cheetah nightclub, said that Ireland was kicked by stripper Sakeena “Suki” Shageer after slapping her on the backside. The club maintains that Suki was protecting herself. Ireland tried unsuccessfully to settle with the club’s insurers and is now headed to court. [The Sun]

Scream 4, or Something

The Scream franchise is in the process of getting rebooted -- or having a sequel developed for it. Either way, nobody wins. To top things off, Courtney Cox Arquette and David Arquette are going to be involved, taking back their roles as Gale Weathers and Dwight Riley. Kevin Williamson is the genius behind whatever screenplay eventually gets made, though why exactly he would want the Arquettes involved in a reboot is beyond anyone’s comprehension. Maybe Williamson is going to do something drastically different with the reboot, like having the murderer be a robot or something. Short of that, it’s hard to understand why anyone would think this was a good idea. Sometimes a franchise dies because it’s dead, and rebooting it just creates a Frankenstein monster. Nobody needs that. [Slash Film]

Stryper Guitarist to Marry Ex-Hooker

Oz Fox, guitarist for the ‘80s Christian hair metal band Stryper, is to wed the founder of the Christian ministry Hookers For Jesus. The Stryper guitarist and former call girl Annie Lobert will exchange vows in Las Vegas this Friday. Lovert, 41, worked as a prostitute and escort in Las Vegas for 11 years. Annie now offers up lectures on the effects of the adult entertainment industry. Her autobiography, Hooker For Jesus, will be released later this year. Hot damn! [Starpulse]

Ringo Starr to Join McCartney and Dylan in Studio

Ex-Beatles drummer Ringo Starr is set to join his former bandmate Sir Paul McCartney and Bob Dylan to record new tracks over the summer. A source told Britain's Daily Express newspaper: "The word is Ringo is likely to play drums on a couple of tracks once Paul and Bob have put some songs together. They went on to say that "Ringo will be the perfect middleman between Bob and Sir Paul as he knows them both well." The expected collaboration came about after Paul expressed an interest in working with Bob, who admitted it would be something he would be very "excited" to do. [Contact Music]

The Chinese Apparently Like Getting Hummers

According to the New York Times, the entity GM has reached a preliminary agreement with to buy the Hummer brand is a random machinery company in western China with ambitions to become an automaker. We're hoping next on the ambition list isn't "take over U.S.A. with their own pseudo-military utility vehicles." The NYT source is a person familiar with the Chinese government approval process who claims the Sichuan Tengzhong Heavy Industrial Machinery Company Ltd., based in Chengdu, concluded the agreement with GM. [New York Times]

YouTube XL Brings YouTube to Your TV

Hot on the heels of Hulu's remote-control friendly desktop application, YouTube introduces its own TV-sized interface called YouTube XL. At the beginning of the year Google unleashed an optimized interface for the Wii and PS3, but YouTube XL appears to be the next step in that progression. The new and improved YouTube XL (presumable the XL stands for extra large) boasts a better interface than the old "YouTube for TV," though it lacks a few of the features available on YouTube proper. (Namely comments, which is arguably a positive.) [YouTube]

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