How To Make Your Own 3D Theater

August 28, 2008

If you've ever wanted to make your own 3D theater, you'll be glad to hear that it's both surprisingly do-able and affordable, thanks to the folks at Wired.  And the crazy part is it's not the Muppet-vision 3D of your childhood - the kind with red and blue outlines making your brain into mush.  It's a newer type that uses polarized light to make the same 3 dimensional experience without the screwed up coloration.  And you can do it in just 3 easy steps!

1. You need two 17-inch LCD monitors from before 2005.  These monitors have polarized light built into them, so you don't have to worry about bending light yourself like Dr. Manhattan.  You can get them on eBay for less than $100. One goes on top, the other at the back 90 degrees rotates (see picture below).

2. Get a 15-inch piece 50/50 glass.  It's glass that is exactly as transparent as it is reflective, and it's very trippy to look at.  You can get a plastic one for cheap or a nicer, glass one for, again, around $100. This sits at a 45 degree angle to either monitor.

3. Build a box to house the two monitors and the 15-inch glass.  This step is actually about 100 smaller steps, as building a box is deceptively difficult.  You can make your own plans with Google's SketchUp software.


To play a 3D movie on your new display, you have to have a stereo video player on your computer (get it here), and your computer has to be capable of using dual displays (the top and side 17-inch monitors).

Wired has a list of places to get and/or make 3D movie files, here's the most promising one, though.  Also, dig these hip 3D glasses, now in a variety of styles!


Source: Wired