Does John Edwards Have a Sex Tape?

June 29, 2009

A former aide to Presidential candidate and love rat John Edwards claims he has viewed a sex tape Edwards made with his then mistress and rumored baby mama Rielle Hunter.

John Edwards’ reputation took a dive after it was revealed he had an affair with his campaign videographer while his wife Elizabeth was battling cancer. Now former aide Andrew Young is shopping an explosive tell-all book about the former Senator. According the New York Daily News, “Andrew Young says the ex-senator and his former mistress, Rielle Hunter, once made a sex tape.” Young discovered the sex tape while he was unpacking. The video purportedly shows Edwards “taking positions that weren’t on his official platform.”

Young also says he is not the father of Hunter’s child and that he “agreed to take the fall for the candidate” and invited the pregnant Hunter to live with his wife and children. Young’s books proposal also reportedly outlines that Edwards and Hunter had discussed marriage should Edwards’ cancer-stricken wife pass away.

Young’s book proposal, which is apparently “impossible to put down” is doing the rounds and should hit a book shop in the near future.

Source: Will Ragozzino/Getty Images