Chasing Rabbits

September 22, 2009


Thanks again to everyone for your votes! Our appearance on Fame Games was a big success. Check out what the judges had to say after the break.

By the way, if anyone else wondered what "tickle my tittler" meant urban dictionary gives us the following definition:

1. Tittler - A small alcoholic beverage that is intended to stop after just one. Usually followed by many other tittlers. Usually consumed by people on shift in the restaurant business. tit-ler

"Hey Cypress, is it time for a tittler yet"?

So apparently one of the judges did not believe that our music tickled his small alcoholic beverage. :)

If you feel that you can't stop after voting for just one a'tris song there's good news! Thanks to your support, "Chasing Rabbits" will make its Fame Games debut this coming Monday, 28 September! I can't tell you how excited I am to see that one getting this type of exposure.

Some songs take days to write, some take weeks; "Chasing Rabbits" took months. My writing partner, Michael Kreher, came up with the foundation for this tune and I knew he was on to something the moment he first shared it with me. Even in its early form, CR held a lot of potential; but I didn't know where it wanted to go until I watched a speech that Sam Harris, the author of The End of Faith and Letter to a Christian Nation, gave at AAI 07. If you would like to get some more insight into the source material for this song please visit

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More news to come!