Esquire's E-Ink Cover

September 8, 2008

E-ink is the future of print media and the distant, distant past of digitized media.  It consists of off-on flashing sections of ink, and can be seen on this month's Esquire.  And only with Esquire as they have an exclusive deal with E-Ink of Massachusetts that goes until 2009.  Is this exciting and new or a dead end technology?

If it's exciting and new it's not because it looks good right now.  It's exciting as a harbinger of things to come.  Things like this.

The way that e-paper and e-ink work is pretty simple on one level.  Ignoring all the fancy parts of the science, basically there is ink that gets turned "on" or "off" built into the paper.  It gets turned on/off with either a positive or negative electronic field.  Like this: 


Anyway, I suppose we'll have to wait and see what the vox populi say about eink.  I'm holding out for when it looks as smooth as it did in Minority Report