Ron Artest Finally Makes a Rap Video About Afghani Women

November 6, 2009

If you ask anybody throughout the Pentagon, White House, or a transgendered strip club – the majority of well educated people will all agree that Afghanistan needs one thing in order to come out of this war on top: A Ron Artest rap video.

Though it took him a little longer than expected, the only NBA player to fail his pre-draft mental evaluation has taken time out from his busy schedule of writing court order apology letters put together this high quality rap video for the women of Afghanistan (Ron-Ron is all about the ladies).

Dedicated to “all his Afghani women,” the video intertwines clips of battered females from the war-torn country with what appears to be hand-held camcorder shots of Artest in a public park with families hosting picnics in the background.

Sadly, Artest has yet to receive any sort of nod from the Nobel Peace Committee, but Michael Jordan did allegedly call his charitable attempts “not a very good way to make money for himself.”

Either way, Ron - For the first time since you punched that fat kid in the stands for doing absolutely nothing, you’ve made your nation proud.


Source: Tru Warrior