Westminster Wife Show

June 30, 2010

Hilarious Indie Film!!!!


Conflict erupts in a sleepy Middle American town when a cocky young entrepreneur inherits the community's beloved annual pageant and attempts to transform it into a bawdy nationally televised spectacle. The Westminster Wife Show has been a tradition in Colorado for more than fifty years and the definitive showcase for the very best in suburban housewifery. This year, instead of the more traditional pageantry of years past, the new Westminster Wife Show has been jam packed with drama, skin and cut-throat competition,
transforming this sacred American ritual into a bankable commodity that would make P.T. Barnum proud. Follow a film crew as they capture the trials
and tribulations of six ordinary couples as they train and scheme their way to the coveted title "Mrs. Westminster". Witness the blood, sweat and tears as one man to turns his small town dreams into big-time reality TV.