Mantenna - Satan Attacks Billy Ray Cyrus

February 15, 2011

Billy Ray Cyrus thinks his family is under attack from Satan, Rihanna is sued by David LaChapelle, and why wearing all white can be hazardous to your health…kneel before the Mantenna!

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Billy Ray Cyrus Believes His Family is Under Attack From Satan

Billy Ray Cyrus is not a happy man or a proud parent. The father of Miley has opened up in an interview with GQ magazine and spoken out about the toll Hannah Montana has had on his family. He tells the magazine he regrets making the television series which made his daughter a star. He says “the damn show destroyed my family” and that he’d “take it back in a second” if it meant he’d have a “happy” and “normal” family. He also blames the show for shaking Miley and his faith in religion and that his family is being ruined by Satan. Billy Ray says his biggest concern is Miley will end up dead like a Michael Jackson, Kurt Cobain, or Anna Nicole Smith. [GQ]

Biggest Breasts Record Holder Can’t Live Without Big Breasts

Sheyla Hershey, the 31-year-old record holder for the world’s largest breasts, is fighting for her life after attempting suicide for the second time since having her giant breast implants removed. The Brazilian-born Texan model slipped into a coma after overdosing on pills. Sheyla has been in a slump since having her MMM-cup implants removed in September after contracting a life threatening infection. The operation left her with practically no breasts and a loss of identity. After her first suicide attempt, Sheyla said, “Once I reclaim my identity as the World's Biggest Boobs I can be a better role model for my daughter. I feel so ugly without my breasts. Without them, I don't know who I am.” Here’s hoping she make a speedy recovery. [The Sun]

Rihanna Gets Sued by David LaChapelle

Source:Jon Furniss/Getty Images

In a lawsuit filed yesterday, fashion photographer David LaChapelle is claiming that Rihanna's racy new music video "S&M" was apparently "directly derived" from pictures taken by him over his career. LaChapelle said that "the music video is directly derived from and substantially similar to the LaChapelle works." In the suit, LaChapelle stated that Rihanna had appropriated eight of his images into the video and that it copied the "composition, total concept, feel, tone, mood, theme, colors, props, settings, decors, wardrobe, and lighting" of his work. LaChapelle is suing for unspecified damages. [Yahoo!]

Joe Montana's Son Confuses Front and Back of Jersey

When Nate, son of Joe, Montana decided he wanted to leave Notre Dame, apparently he picked a school with the most, um… name recognition. “University of Montana athletic director Jim O'Day confirmed to The Missoulian Monday night that Nate Montana, son of NFL Hall of Fame quarterback Joe Montana, has enrolled at the University of Montana,” the Billings Gazetter reports. Looks like Nate University just missed out. [Billings Gazette]

Joan Rivers Wouldn’t Last a Day in the NFL

So, an NFL player walks into a bar and sees a man wearing an all-white suit. The player throws out a joke about the outfit. The player then gets stabbed. Wait, I think tells that joke better. “Brandon Banks, and his companion, Christopher Lee Nixon, were stabbed as the result of a fight that started with a fashion insult. That's right, either Banks or a friend made a crack about the suspect, 24-year-old Jason DaCosta Shorter, wearing white pants and a white jacket.” [DCist]

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