Katy Perry Injured in Canada

June 23, 2010

Kate Perry literally cut it up on a dance floor in Toronto over the weekend, slashing open her legs and requiring a bunch of stitches.

Katy Perry danced up a storm after the MuchMusic Video Awards at a Toronto nightclub over the weekend and ended up in the hospital. According to the UK’s Daily Mail the 26-year-old "cut her leg open after falling over during an energetic dance session." Perry took to Twitter confirming the accident, tweeting “17 stitches later...Don't make fun of my dance moves tomorrow. That's what got me here in the 1st place! Thanks for the souvenir Canada!"

The singer didn’t let the accident interrupt her tour of Canada. She tweeted that she may perform with a “candy cane walker” and told her fans that she hoped they'd dance for her. The California girl later performed on Live at Much wearing a skin colored bandage around her right calf and a sexy figure-hugging miniskirt.


Photo: George Pimentel/WireImage/Getty Images