Preview: The Ultimate Fighter - Gut Check

November 18, 2009

As Matt Mitrione hams it up with another injury, Kimbo Slice stands on the sidelines, licking his lips at the thought of stepping in for another crack at the six-figure contract and Jon Madsen prepares to take on Brendan Schaub in the quarterfinals. It’s Gut Check time on The Ultimate Fighter and here’s a look at what to expect Wednesday night at 10.

It seems like the decision is all but made that Kimbo will get the nod if a replacement needs to be called on, but I’m sure Dana White will have an opinion on the matter and he tends to get what he wants so I guess we’ll have to wait and see what happens there.

In the meantime, we know for sure that Jon Madsen and Brendan are on deck to face off in the quarterfinal round, so let’s take a minute to breakdown the match-up.

In Jon Madsen’s Sweet 16 fight against Abe Wagner, he walked in with a solid gameplan from the coaching staff that included a lot of takedowns, elbows, and (judging by the manhole-sized cut on Abe’s head) possibly a machete taped to the side of his arm. He won’t have Rashad’s expertise this time around, but based on the outcome of his first fight and Brendan Schaub’s last performance, I’m betting he’ll look to execute a similar strategy. Actually, this fight could look a lot like the last one.

The big difference I think will be Jon Madsen’s top work. He didn’t do a whole lot from the top against Wagner, but he was overpowering and just aggressive enough to keep the referee from stepping in. If he’s able to do that here it could be difficult for Schaub to deal with, but he has to be careful. He was pretty sloppy against Wagner and if he makes similar mistakes with Schaub, he’s likely to get his popped off in a guillotine or inverted facelock camel clutch.


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