Mantenna - Wednesday, January 7

January 7, 2009

Larry Flynt heads to Washington to ask the government for a porn bailout, Led Zeppelin announces the possibility of a new tour, and the ten hottest videos of celebrities grabbing their own's the Mantenna!

Porn Industry Facing Hard Times

Is the porn industry facing financial ruin? According to Hustler’s Larry Flynt and Girls Gone Wild founder Joe Francis,the answer is yes. The duo is reportedly traveling to Washington D.C. to ask Congress for a $5 billion bailout, claiming the industry is suffering because of the financial downturn. Flynt says that "with all this economic misery and people losing all that money, sex is the farthest thing from their mind. It's time for Congress to rejuvenate the sexual appetite of America." Francis adds that the porn industry is like the big three automakers, only bigger. [TMZ]

Celebrities Like to Grab Their Own Boobs

Everyone knows boobs are great. They look great, they help give us life, and they look great. (Did we mention they look great?) The only thing better than a regular set of boobs are celebrity boobs, and the best way to view celebrity boobs are when the celebrity touches them. Manofest has put together a hot list of female celebrities grabbing their own boobs. It’s hot and awesome. The only problem is the hands aren’t my own. [Manofest]

Led Zeppelin Might Tour Without Robert Plant

Jimmy Page's manager today confirmed that Led Zeppelin are planning to tour and record a new album with a replacement singer for Robert Plant. Plant stated in December that he wasn't at all interested in a legitimate Led Zep reunion, but Page's manager Peter Mensch has confirmed that the band would indeed carry on if they can find the right singer to fit the bill. [NME]

Old People News Covers Your Grandma's Favorite Stories

If you're anything like us, you get dozens of emails a year, forwarded by well-meaning but (let's face it) clueless relatives intent on letting you know about things like the "Do Not Call" list and why Microsoft is going to pay you to forward emails to dozens of your friends. Well, read them no longer! Now you can get the same information from Old People News, the internet's first news program hosted by geriatrics. [Atom]

Terrorists Could Use Insects as Weapons


A new book called Six-legged Soldiers: Using Insects as Weapons of War is arguing that the next evolution of terrorist attacks may not take the form of bigger and scarier bombs.  Rather, it suggests, an easier (and WAY scarier) alternative for the modern terrorist would be using already-deadly insects to attack populations.  While nuclear weapons cost millions, "It would be a relatively easy and simple process ... A few hundred dollars and a plane ticket and you could have a pretty good stab at it." [Wired]

Skiing Naked: Harder Than it Looks

A freckle-thighed outdoor sportsman in the well-to-do resort town of Vail, Colorado got a little bit of a snafu recently when one of his skis became jammed in the ascending chairlift.  This threw him out of the chair but kept him attached, and dangling, where the ski was stuck.  Also, his pants were ripped off.  There he dangled, literally, for 15 minutes.  “A bad day on the mountain is better than a good day at the office.”  What a crock of bulls**t. [Gizmodo]

Obama’s Tank/Limo Prototype

The more we hear about Obama, the more we believe he’s actually a robotic warrior/savior sent from space to lift the human race into a little bit of a hipper place.  The latest evidence comes in his bulletproof, tank-esque Cadillac limousine. “Among the vehicle's main features are windows that are 5 inches thick, 19.5-inch Goodyear RHS tires (same as super tough trucks), and possibly even a lock safety mechanism that seals off the car like a bank vault in case of an emergency.” [Wired]

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