John Basilone vs Michael Collins

January 27, 2011

Today were putting 2 warriors who are important to the groups they were in. John Basilone......The legendary Marine who was the first one to be awarded the Medal of Honor in WWII for his actions on Guadalcanal. And Michael Collins......The founder of the IRA who tried to lead his country to freedom. WHO......IS......DEADLIEST??????


John Basilone: Browning .30 Caliber Machine gun, Springfield, Thompson M1A1, Colt 1911 .45, Ka-Bar

Michael Collins: Lewis Gun, Lee Enfield, Thompson 1928, Mauser Pistol, Boot Knife


Long Range 1: Lewis Gun-Higher minimum rate of fire (500-600) to the Browning's 400-600 and longer effective range.

Long Range 2: Lee Enfield- Faster bolt, higher magazine capacity, and faster reload.

Mid Range: Thompson M1A1-Better accuracy than the 1928 Thompson.

Short Range: Colt 1911 .45- Larger caliber bullets, better accuracy, and better reliability.

Special: Ka-Bar-Larger Blade and more effecitive in combat.


John Basilone is leading a 5 man squad through a jungle on Guadalcanal. There aren't any more Japanese Soldiers left but Basilone and his men are on patrol looking for the IRA. Michael Collins is leading 4 other IRA through Guadalcanal. They're going to stage an attack on the USMC Guadalcanal headquarters. The two groups face off in a clearing. One of Basilone's Marines is killed by an IRA in a tree with a Lee Enfield. Basilone and his men displace and Collins and his men follow. JB:4 MC:5

One of Collins' men is killed by a .30 Caliber Machine gun and another gets his brains splattered across a tree from a Marine's Springfield. JB:4 MC: 3

Collins kills a Marine with his Thompson and suddenly Basilone appears and shoots the man next to him with his Colt 1911 .45. JB: 3 MC: 2

Basilone shoots Collins' last man with his Thompson M1A1. Collins kills one of Basilone's men with his Lewis Gun and tries to kill the other man with it but he misses every time. He tries to shoot him again but he is out of ammo. Collins comes up with a plan. He has his hands raised above his head signaling that he isn't armed and wants to surrender. Basilone and his last man walk cautiously towards him. Basilone's last man approaches him and Collins takes his boot knife out and stabs him in the right lung. The man falls to the ground and Basilone takes out his Ka-Bar and starts to fight with Collins. Basilone gets the upper hand and stabs Collins in the heart. His man is still alive, but only just. Basilone starts to treat the man too keep him alive long enough for a Medic to come and help. HQ sends out another squad to check what had happened and the Madic treats the wounded man. JB: 2 MC: 0

WINNER: John Basilone

John Basilone won because he had better training and discipline.

John Basilone kills: 553

.30 Caliber Machine Gun-200


Thompson M1A1-137

Colt 1911 .45-96

Ka-Bar: 6

Michael Collins Kills: 447

Lewis Gun:220

Lee Enfield: 127

Thompson 1928: 90

Mauser: 9

Boot Knife: 1