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The Top 10 Types of Skanks

by girls   May 04, 2009 at 10:00AM  |  Views: 14,443

The sexually promiscuous woman, or skank, exists in many forms. However, the skank is often frowned upon by society, which leads the skank to adopt practices to shield or hide their skankiness. They’ll use excuses, they’ll lie, or they’ll use their sex to obtain something from you. Though each may have a different modus operandi, when all is said and done they have one thing in common…they’re easy.

Source: Arthur Kwiatkowski/Photodisc/Getty Images

10. The Craigslist Skank


Source: Dennis Galante/Stone/Getty Images

Craigslist should really be renamed Skankslist. The online classified site is a hotbed of horny girls looking to hook up. True, these days they are mostly professionals soliciting work, but nonetheless, countless lonely women still post casual encounter notices looking for no-strings-attached loving.

Craigslist makes it so easy to get laid. You don’t even need to leave your house, let alone buy the girl a drink. The Craigslist skank just wants sex. You don’t need to respect her, talk to her, or care about her. All you need to do is surf the web, write her some emails, and send her a pic. In no time, the Craigslist skank will be knocking on your door and rocking your world. Then she will leave.

9. The Foreign Skank


Source: Hisham Ibrahim/Photographer's Choice/Getty Images

Every day scores of foreign chicks flock to the United States of America hoping to meet a nice American guy, settle down, and live the American dream. These types of girls are on a mission, and that mission is called Operation Green Card.  The foreign skank will do and say whatever it takes to succeed. After all, her entire family back home is counting on her. She will quickly go from guy to guy, waiting for one who sticks. The foreign skank will lie, sleep with you, pretend they love you, and put up with your crap. Once the two of you are married, it's mission accomplished and her true colors will shine.

8. The Recession Skank


Source: Steven Miric/Photodisc/Getty Images

The economy sucks, unemployment is rising, and people everywhere are struggling. The recession skank exists by sleeping around, because the only currency she has is between her legs. She will move from guy to guy, simply for a place to crash and a hot meal. She will do anything and everyone to survive. The recession skank really does not have a choice in the matter and her actions should be excused. Her alternative is a life of hunger on the streets.

7. The “I’m On Vacation” Skank


Source: Lluis Artus/Photonica/Getty Images

When girls go on vacation they leave their morals at home. This is especially true when a girl travels outside of her own country. It’s like they’re in Vegas, meaning what happens away on vacation stays away on vacation. The girl on vacation is looking to get down and dirty and to do something she might not normally do. She’s looking to sample the local culture and have a good time. Being away from home means she is less likely to be judged by friends and family and more likely to take off those panties.

6. The Phony Skank


Source: Christopher Robbins/Digital Vision/Getty Images

There is nothing worse than a phony skank. She’s the type of girl who has been sending signals all night. She’s dressed in a skimpy outfit, overly friendly, and very touchy-feely. Not only do the two of you have a great rapport, it looks like it’s a sure thing she’ll go home with you. Then you go in for the kiss, and it’s like hitting a brick wall. She stops you in your tracks and politely explains that she “doesn’t do that.” Then she leaves and you’re stuck alone at the end of the night, having wasted your efforts on the faux skank.


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