Deadliest Warrior 3

July 7, 2009

Deadliest Warrior put up the Samurai vs. Viking aftermath a few days ago. Never before has a comment section seen so much argument! Thrand, who has been lobbying for reassesment of the Viking continuously, has finally been addressed. His Youtube aftermath demonstrating Viking combat techniques was even featured on the Aftermath. Easily the biggest Viking fan. I used to dismiss the Vikings, but Thrand has convinced me otherwise. I still hold true to the Samurai because of their superior weapons, but now I think that the Vikings were one of the greatest fighters of all time. Thrand is a persuasive speaker. 


In any case, the Aftermath is over, and complaints still pour in. I won't get too involved in the debate this time though. I respect the Samurai, but I will no longer place him on a pedestal. I was most offended by Mr. Shigematsu's insult of Viking intellect, which is quite baseless.


Anyways, all is said and done. Now we await the next Aftermath which will air biweekly, as it has come to be. Since there are no more episodes to disect, it will instead be a compilation of special footage, most likely, attended by what Kieron Elliot calls an all-star cast. Hopefully, experts from several different episodes. Deadliest Warrior is still going strong, but fans call out for season 2. Geoff Desmoulin has been secretive about it. He's left clues, but he obviously cannot make an official statement. As always, I'm still faithful.