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A Bro Man in Bellator?

by Robbie E   September 05, 2013 at 12:00AM  |  Views: 8,223

What's up, Bro Mans? It's Robbie E back this week with another edition of the Bro Man's blog, bro. With all the MMA fighters that have been on our show lately, people always ask when are us IMPACT WRESTLING guys gonna get a chance in the cage? Let me tell you this: Robbie E would be quite the fighter inside the cage, bro. Here's why:

5 - Middle School - In 6th grade, 8th grade, and like half of 7th grade, I ran things in the back of the woodshop class. Nobody could mess with me or they'd get put on their backs and sawdust in their eye. I even used the side of a table saw to get leverage on my takedowns, bro. Between the saws is no different then being in the cage, right, bro?

4- Size - I have seen King Mo, Tito Ortiz and Rampage when me and Jessie were getting ready in the locker room. They ain't so big, and when they see us, they get nervous, bro. In fact, I was practicing my Bro Off moves, just to stay sharp, right? When Rampage saw me, bro? He just shook his head and walked the other way. He was so scared he was even laughing. He don't want none of this bro man.

3 - Quickness - You gotta be quick in there, bro. I wasn't on the track team in elementary school for nothing. Look, I pretty much always came in second place, sure. But that girl was so fast, bro. King Mo thinks he can keep up with me? I'll steal that dope's crown and he'll have to bow down to King Bro.

2 - Pain - Have you ever seen my matches? I'm usually getting thrown around a ton, and wrestling guys a lot bigger than me. I always get back up, bro. That's because I'm a Bro Man  and because I can take pain. You think Tito's got the stomach to get his eyebrows threaded, bro? No. Way.

1 - My Hair - Hello? No one would know how to grip me cause all the glue and spray in my hair would throw them off. I could get out of any hold that way, bro. Plus i can hide weapons in there.

Until next week... Ohhh!! This was my Bro Man blog, bro.

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