Spray-on Condoms are Ssssssexy

June 23, 2008

Tired of the ill-fitting, untailored condoms of today, the Germans have thrown traditional sizes out the windows in favor of the infinitely customizable Condom in a Can.  Drop trou and, for the first time, understand the phrase "lap of luxury." 


Jan Vinzenz Krause of the Institute for Condom Consultancy (That exists?! Awesome) has some very bold statements to make about his invention (patent pending).

“I thought why not to come up with a condom that fits onto a man rather than vice-versa”, says Krause. This could lead to a revolution…Technology can enable us to spray a condom on an erect elephant!”

Finally? I suppose? The erect elephants of our past will no longer be spreading disease and baby elephants as in our plagued yesteryears. 

The Condoms are going to come in a spray can that’ll cost 34 dollars and will hold enough latex depending for 10 to 20 condoms depending on how big your penis is, if you will. Refills of latex will be an additional 10 bucks.