The North Face has iPhone-Friendly, E-Tip Gloves

October 27, 2008

These high-tech hand warmers from chic-treme clothiers, North Face ($40) have X-Static tips on the thumb and index fingers which allows you to continue to control your touchscreen devices. 

As cool as the technology is, I read an article in Powder magazine years ago about how one should intend situations like iPhones on ski hills.  

There was a man in a gondola flashing around his then-cutting edge phone, texting, calling, and generally despoiling the serenity of the situation.  A Powder editor also riding in the gondola politely asked the man how much the phone had cost.  Happy to brag, the man told him.  The Powder editor then took out a stack of cash, handed him the approximate price of the phone, snatched it from the guys hand, threw it out the window of the gondola, and told him to “Keep the change,” amid thunderous applause.