Triton 1000 Personal Submarine

August 21, 2008

In my professional aquanautical opinion, it is fully worth the $1.69 million (depending on options) price tag.  It seats 3, dives to almost 1000 feet, and looks like something the Jetsons would take to the bottom of the sea.  More details and bigger pics after the jump.

Triton 1000 is the newest (and they say best) sub from luxury submarine makers (those exist?!) U.S. Submarines.  They make submersible vehicles marketed to the super rich who're looking to spice up that yacht party or to outshine the Jones' comparatively pedestrian, above-water dinghies. 

Here's the pics via and stats via the website.



Triton 1000 Specifications

General Specifications: Triton 1000/2



ABS+A1 Manned Submersible

Operating Depth

305 meters (1000')




3.0 meters


3.0 meters

Pressure Hull Diameter

1.45 meters

Height Overall

1.90 meters


0.90 meters

Weight in Air

3300 kg

Dynamic Characteristics


Maximum Surface Speed

2.0 knots

Cruising Surface Speed

2.0 knots

Max. Submerged Speed

2.5 knots



Main Electric Motors

2 x 2 kW

Vertical/Transverse Thruster

2 x 1 kW

Endurance (Predicted)


Submerged Endurance

6 hours @ 2.0 knots

Submerged Range

12 nautical miles @ 2.0 knots

Ballast and Trim Systems


Variable Ballast

50 KG

Trim Weight


Gas Supply


Main Oxygen

17 liters @ 200 bar

Main Air

34 liters @ 200 bar

Life Support


Mission Life Support

12 hours for 2 passengers

Emergency Life Support

72 hours for 2 passengers

Carbon Dioxide Absorbent

M.P. Sofnolime

Air Conditioning

3,000 BTU

Navigation and Comms.


Compass Main

Magnetic Fluxgate

Speed Log


Depth Gauge

300 meter, analog and digital

Surface Communications

Marine VHF

Subsurface UWT

10 and 27 KHZ

Additional Instrumentation


Custom Control LCDs

Ballast Indicators

Thruster Control Panel

Hydraulic Panel

F-16 Style Joystick

Hydraulic Pressure

RPM Gauge

Depth Sounder CRT

Rudder Indicator

Video Camera (optional)

Life Support Panel

Video Monitors (optional)

Oxygen Gauges

Electrical Panel

Oxygen Analyzer

Volt and Amp Meters

Carbon Dioxide Monitor

IR andCircuit Protection

Alarm Panel

Lighting Panel

Interlock Indicators


Flammable Gas Monitor


Fire Suppression System


Ballast Panel


Air Pressure Gauges