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Comic-Con 2011: Haywire Features Gina Carano Beating the Crap Out of Everybody

by Theta1138   July 22, 2011 at 5:00PM  |  Views: 798
Gina Carano is an attractive, yet scary, woman. She's been on American Gladiators, she's been a leading force in women's MMA, she's a Muay Thai fighter...and now she's crossing over into action movies in a big way with the new Stephen Soderbergh film, Haywire.

Carano plays Mallory Kane, a mercenary spy. On a mission, she suffers the fate of all mercenary spies: she gets double-crossed. Now she's got to save herself and protect her family. Oh, and mercilessly kick the hell out of anybody who gets in her way.

Soderbergh is generally known for his indie dramas, although he does turn out a good heist film. Here, though, the focus is where it needs to be: beatings, and lots of them. Carano hands out more butt-kicking than she did in her MMA career in one trailer, and that's just two minutes of the movie!

Haywire hits theaters January 20, 2010.

Source: Relativity Media