50 Cent Invades The 2008 Spike VGAs

December 10, 2008

Most people out there are forced to watch crappy award shows with performances by pop drunkards and overrated rock acts. Lucky for us, the Spike VGAs have decided to step their game up and bring us a real award show.

This year, 50 Cent will performing live at the VGAs on December 14th and is sure to tear the house down. Not only is Fiddy a raw MC, he is also an avid gamer and has his own kickass video game. In Blood in the Sand, Fiddy wages war against some evil terrorist gangsters who took his vintage skull. Needless to say, fools get their wrecked by the Queens MC. Curtis is no doubt a perfect fit for this years VGAs.

The boys of Weezer will be in the house as well and should hopefully be bringing some of their “Pork and Beans” viral video shenanigans to the live stage. Weezer + Video Games = Mind Explosion

Also, The All-American Rejects will surely drive a slew of female gamers in a frenzy with their spankin’ new alt-pop number “Give You Hell.”
Oh, did we mention hip hop legend LL Cool J is gonna be in the house? I really hope he does “Rock The Bells.”

This sh*t is gonna be bananas.

50's Blood In The Sand:



Some "Pork and Beans" From Weezer:



All-American Rejects “Give You Hell”:



An LL Cool J Classic: