Mantenna - Friday, July 17

July 16, 2009

Miranda Kerr’s sexy Victoria’s Secret shots revealed, Michael Jackson's autopsy report delayed, and why swearing reduces pain...Show your parents who's boss with the Mantenna!

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Miranda Kerr’s Sexy Victoria’s Secret Shots

Miranda Kerr’s latest photographs for Victoria’s Secret are by far her sexiest. The Aussie model poses topless, showcasing the lingerie company’s new line of barely-there underwear. Warning, these photos are ridiculously hot and not for the fainthearted. [Egotastic]

Swearing Reduces Pain

A new study shows that uttering dirty words can actually help reduce pain. The study by Keele University showed that those who swear could endure 50 percent more pain than those who are pure of tongue. The researchers “believe that the pain-lessening effect occurs because swearing triggers our natural 'fight-or-flight' response.” But be careful, those who casually swear a lot may lose the pain-reducing power of the naughty words. [BBC]

Fox’s Fantastic Mr. Fox

The studio behind Wes Anderson’s new animated movie, Fantastic Mr. Fox, has released a couple of high-res images from the film. An image was released earlier this week but apparently pissed Anderson off so bad -- due to the image’s poor quality -- that it was banished from the internet (as much as anything can be banished from the internet). The movie has lots of big-name talent doing the voices: George Clooney, Cate Blanchett, Meryl Streep, and Anjelica Huston to name a few. Oh, and Bill Murray, of course. It’s possible this might just be the resurrection of Wes Anderson’s career. [First Showing]

Ed Helms is a Small-Town Chump

Ed Helms has a new film in development called Cedar Rapids, in which he will play a small-town insurance agent sent to the big city to try and save the jobs of his co-workers. Alexander Payne (Sideways, Election) is producing, Miguel Arteta (Youth in Revolt) is directing, and Phil Johnston wrote the script. The movie has an Office-ish sound to it, but the dependable Helms will probably infuse the project with his own style of zaniness. After his work in The Office and The Hangover, Helms is on a roll. [Slash Film]

Michael Jackson Autopsy Report Delayed


Source: Barry King/Getty Images

The Los Angeles County coroner's office has said it will take longer than first expected to complete Michael Jackson's full autopsy report. The office previously expected to finish up the report late this week or early next week, but Assistant Chief Coroner Ed Winter said yesterday that it's now expected to be two weeks away. Winter declined to explain the reason for the delay. The toxicology report should include what drugs were in Jackson's system when he died and whether they caused his death. It will also help determine whether any criminal charges will be brought up. [TMZ]

Microsoft to Strike Back at Apple With Its Own Retail Stores

Microsoft is rolling out its gameplan for retail stores that are going to stop popping up right alongside Apple stores this fall, Microsoft told CNET. "As we progress on our retail strategy there will be scenarios where we have stores in proximity to Apple," a representative told CNET News. "We are on track to open stores in the fall time frame." MS bigwig Kevin Turner, a former Wal-Mart exec, seems to be the guy running this joint. This should be, if nothing else, slightly amusing to watch. [CNET]

Study Shows Hybrid Cars Recieve More Tickets, Much More Expensive to Fix, Drive More Miles

Conventional wisdom is that hybrid vehicles reduce our dependence on foreign oil and emit fewer environment-hurting CO2 emissions. However, a new study by Quality Planning shows that hybrid owners drive much more than non-hybrid owners. Quality Planning studied nearly 360,000 vehicles throughout 2007 and 2008 to analyze driving habits, and some of the study's findings are pretty surprising. According to the survey, hybrid and non-hybrid drivers have statistically similar commutes, but hybrid owners drive their vehicles 25% more (2,000 miles) in non-commuting scenarios. The study also shows that hybrid owners are significantly more likely to receive traffic tickets. According to the survey, Toyota Prius owners received .38 tickets per 100,000 miles driven, versus a non-hybrid average of .23 tickets per 100,000 miles. That's a 65% differential. Lastly, QP also found that repair costs are significantly higher for hybrid owners. The Ford Escape Hybrid, for example, costs 31% more to repair than the gasoline-only model, while repairing the Toyota Highlander Hybrid will reportedly add 45% more cost. [Market Wire]

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