Up, Up And Away With Cash

April 22, 2012
30 containers up for auction, a local named "schmedly", and one of the best cities to hit up for auctions - all in one episode. That's right, this week the Auction Hunters travelled to Ventura, CA, looking to crack open some shipping container units that had been collecting dust.


Sold For: $3,500

When you start finding an autographed hot air balloon poster, and then topographical maps with hot air balloon graphics on them, you know you're on the right track. This "Office Unit" definitely wasn't as boring as the boys first thought: after a few file cabinets were tossed out, Ton and Allen began to realize they had a full-blown hot air balloon on their hands! But not so fast, boys, you need the balloon first. Steve was the man the Auction Hunters needed to see to get this baby appraised, since he was a local hot air balloon pilot and owned his own company (let's just say the man knew his stuff). Apparently the hot air balloon was from 1984, so this classic beauty landed Ton and Allen $3,500 in cold hard cash right then and there.

The sky's the limit when you got a hot air balloon and are having a fabulous time in Ventura County. The Auction Hunters spent just $450 on two units, rolled up their sleeves and made some sweet deals to sell their goods for $12,940, and took home an enormous profit of $12,490.

Can a hot air balloon lift a Ton? Find out by going to Spike.com for this week's episode "High Flying Ton" now available online. Be on the lookout for updates and news on the Auction Hunters Facebook fan page and tune in to all-new episodes on Wednesdays at 9/8c.