Mantenna - Monday, January 10

January 10, 2011

JWoww claims she was passed out during her nude photo shoot, Bullitt director Peter Yates has passed away, and the Miami Heat are totally cool without bench support...careful, man, there's a Mantenna here!

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JWoww Claims She Was Passed Out When Nude Pics Were Snapped

Jenni “JWoww” Farley is currently in the middle of a legal battle with ex-boyfriend Tom Lippolis over old nude photos he’s trying to sell of her. JWoww wants the photos back and has taken Lippolis to court, claiming she was not aware the photos had been taken. Her attorney, Rudy Fusco, told Hollywood Life, “Jenni came to me and told me that she heard rumors that Tom was trying to sell naked photos of her that she had no idea there were ever photos taken. Jenni says she must have been under anesthesia when they were taken. She is very upset but is going to try and remain out of the public legal battle right now.” Her lawyer says JWoww “doesn’t want people to see what she looked like before she had all her surgeries.” Lippolis says it's impossible JWoww was unconscious because she is standing up in some of the shots. [Hollywood Life]

Older Women More Likely to Put Out on a First Date

A new study conducted by Men’s Health magazine shows that older women are more likely to have sex on a first date than younger women. The magazine asked 1,400 women in 20s, 30s, and 40s a series of sex-related questions. The results showed that while 17 percent of women in their 20s will have sex on a first date, a much greater 29 percent of women in their 40s will have sex with a guy if they have “chemistry.” Other results reveal that a third of women surveyed keep their pubic area completely bare, nine out of 10 20-year-olds talk dirty during sex and a quarter of women in their 40s have had 20 or more sexual partners in their lifetime. One things all the women surveyed can agree upon was oral sex. They want to receive more of it. [Men's Health]

Bullitt Director Peter Yates Dies

Photo: Getty Images

According to reports, four-time Oscar-nominated director Peter Yates has died at the age of 82. He passed away in London after a long battle with an unknown illness. Yates is best known for the Steve McQueen landmark Bullitt as well as the Oscar-nominated drama The Dresser, the cult classic Krull, and the 1979 sports comedy Breaking Away. Yates’ filmography also includes Curtain Call, The Run of the Country, Roommates, Year of the Comet, An Innocent Man, The House on Carroll Street, and Suspect. Anyone who was responsible for the most badass car chase in movie history is alright in our book. [Deadline]

Charles Barkley Finding Unique New People to Dislike

Charles Barkley has a long and very public list of people who annoy him. As of this weekend, Tucker Carlson found his way onto it. “There’s some idiot on another station named Tucker Carlson, who called out Michael Vick. Number one, Michael Vick we’re all pulling for you man, keep doing your thing. You paid your debt to society, good luck to y’all in the playoffs. Now Tucker Carlson, who’s a nobody … he used to work for us over here. We fired him because he sucked. Now he goes over there and he says that Michael Vick should be executed, which is total BS. You know, TV is a very powerful thing and you can’t just go on there and say anything.” I’m not so sure “because he sucked” was the reason, but interesting point nonetheless. [Off The Bench]

Miami Heat are Totally Cool Without Bench Support

During last night’s Miami Heat game LeBron James, Chris Bosh, and Dwyane Wade combined to score 96 of the team’s 107 points. In case you’re bad with numbers, that’s 11 points for the other 12 guys on the team. Thanks to this selfless play, Miami has become the hottest team in the league, winning 20 of their last 21 games. It's really inspirational for other teams who want to win games but don't want to get everyone involved. [ESPN]

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