New Orleans Administers Controversial "No Boobs Allowed" Policy

February 9, 2010

With the exception of Karl Rove and the cast of Matlock, nobody parties harder than the city of New Orleans. So, it seems a little perplexing that city officials adopted a controversial “keep your bras on” policy during yesterday’s Super Bowl parade.

Apparently the fact that the mid-day event was being broadcast around the country made the fun-loving municipal employees (while sitting in a room covered in motivational posters and lifelong regret) decide to outlaw a Mardi Gras-style parade in the middle of the afternoon.

“Anyone seen exchanging nudity for beads can expect a big, fat summons … or even a trip to the slammer,” the New Orleans Police Department said in a statement that, after some diligent fact checking, we discovered was not intended as a joke.

So far, there have been no arrest records available from the parade, but if there’s one thing we pride ourselves on here at (besides our extensive collection of 17th Century French Literature), it’s “boob-related crime research,” so expect an update shortly.

Source: Skip Bolen/Getty Images Sport/Getty Images