Mantenna - Tuesday, May 5

May 5, 2009

India gets its first porn star, Billy Ray Cyrus is a bad father, and the 10 sexiest Mexican women in the's the Mantenna!

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India Gets Its First Porn Star

India finally has a porn star…well, sort of. The sexually conservative country, who only recently allowed lip-on-lip kissing in films, has been seduced by the adventures of a cartoon desperate housewife. Savita Bhabhi, which means "sister-in-law Savita," is a “buxom, recently married housewife who knows what she wants and how to get it.” She "entertains" door-to-door salesmen, neighborhood cricket players, and a man who resembles a famous Bollywood star. Pornography is illegal in India and the cartoon, created by a bunch on anonymous computer geeks, has become a huge success. The cartoon is published online in 10 different Indian languages, as well as English, and receives 60 million unique visitors a month. [Global Post]

Celebrate Cinco De Mayo with the 10 Sexiest Mexican Women in the World

Today is Cinco De Mayo, the Mexican holiday that celebrates Mexico’s victory over the French in the Battle of Puebla on May 5th, 1862. It’s a day to eat Mexican food, drink plenty of Tequila, and celebrate the many beautiful things Mexican has culture has brought into the world… including some smoking hot women. Manofest has created a caliente list of sizzling Mexican women to help you celebrate. Happy Cinco De Mayo! [Manofest]

Lobo Coming to a Screen Near You

Lobo, a character from the DC Universe, might just be getting his own movie -- surprise, surprise. The ultra-violent character from the early ‘90s is being looked at by Warner Bros. as potential adaptation material. A headhunter who traverses galaxies in tracking down his bounty, he’s more or less the DC equivalent of Marvel’s Wolverine. Think Wolverine with blue skin who always resorts to extreme violence and is way, way, way less cool. So, for all you comic book nuts who are thirsty for more adaptations of second-rate characters, eat your hearts out. The comic book gravy train hasn’t even come close to ending. It’s Lobo time. [The Movie Blog]

Paula Abdul Admits Addiction to Painkillers

After years of public speculation, Paula Abdul has revealed that she suffered for years from a reliance on pain medication and almost killed herself in the process. The American Idol judge disclosed her ordeal in an interview with Ladies' Home Journal recently. "I could have killed myself," Abdul told the magazine. She has suffered from chronic pain since a high school cheerleading accident left her with an injured disc in her neck and has since experienced injuries like a broken leg, sustained while rehearsing in 1991, a neck injury in a 1992 car crash, and partial paralysis in a 1993 airplane crash that required 15 spinal surgeries. Damn. [MTV]

Billy Ray Cyrus is a Bad Father


Source: Ron Galella, Ltd./Getty Images

Did you know Miley Cyrus has a half-brother named Christopher? We didn't either. Christopher was born after his mother, Kristin Luckey, had a brief relationship with musician Billy Ray Cyrus when she was a waitress in South Carolina. They had split by the time their son was born and Billy Ray’s new girlfriend Tish was already pregnant with Miley. Christopher has said he is disappointed he does not have a closer relationship with the Cyrus family. He reluctantly read out a string of text messages between him and his father recently, which began last Christmas Day with Christopher texting: “Merry Christmas.” He said he got a reply on January 4th from Billy Ray saying: “Hey bud, where you been? You disappeared on us.” Christopher said: “I replied, ‘I disappeared? You disappeared. I tried to get a hold of you.’” What an ass. [Mirror]

Post Secrets Through History

The website/art movement Post Secret is a place where people can anonymously confess their secrets using whatever they can fit on a post card.  However, CollegeHumor has found posted secrets from long before the launch of the blog.  Wouldn’t you like to know Hitler’s secret?  Perhaps Eve from the Garden of Eden has something she’d like to confess.  Check it out to see the secrets. [CollegeHumor]

NASA Discovers a Rockin’ Alien Skull

"The skull is 15 cm with binocular eyes 5 cm apart. The cranial capacity is approximately 1400 cc. There appears to be a narrow pointed small mouth, so this creature most likely is a carnivore."  That from the authority of a forum full of nutcases speculating on a grainy photograph of either an alien skull or a rock. [Telegraph]

Knight Rider Officially Canceled, KITT Cries Washer Fluid Tears of Joy

And with that, our long national nightmare is over. According to the Los Angeles Times' entertainment section, NBC has killed Knight Rider after one season and 17 episodes. Although we won't miss the interminably idiotic dialog, plot chasms, seventh-grade acting, and logic-defying vehicle morphing, there will be a KITT-sized hole in our hearts for Mr. Nunez' weekly live-blog of the unfortunate proceedings. Regardless, let's just forget about this horrible abortion of a remake and get on with our lives. [LA Times]

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