The Flip Men Are Back In Town

June 27, 2012
Think you've seen the craziest things in houses? Think again. Mike Baird and Doug Clark from SPIKE's hit original unscripted series, Flip Men, are back for a new season and are ready to tackle the dirtiest, craziest, and most dangerous foreclosed houses you'll ever see. Ten all-new half-hour episodes of Flip Men premiere starting August 5 at 10/9c on SPIKE and the stakes are even higher this time.

Just what madness lies behind the doors of the houses that Mike and Doug purchase sight unseen in the new season? For starters, in the premiere episode, the boys buy a house that's been stripped of all its copper wiring and plumbing by thieves. It's not enough that the Flip Men have to toss that humongous cost into their total investment for the house, but they also are fed up with what these crooks have done and finally confront them one night face-to-face (let's hope they came prepared!). If that isn't enough, throughout the new season Mike and Doug encounter a bee-infested house, a house with an absolute gruesome past, a hoarder's home, and even a drive-thru meth lab. The clock is always ticking when you're trying to sell a house, but with problems like these, the Flip Men will have to move heaven and earth to get things together in time.

Tune in to all-new episodes of Flip Men on August 5 at 10/9c. Don't forget to join in on the conversation about Flip Men by following @SpikeTV on Twitter and using #FlipMen.