Mantenna - Wednesday, October 29

October 29, 2008

Today, in Mantenna, we've got Guy Ritchie's triumphs and Madonna's weird *&$%ing sexual contract.  We've got an inordinate amount of news regarding outer space, and some terrfying monster pics.  Interested? Thought you might be.  Click through to view your Mantenna.

New Pics From Guy Ritchie’s Sherlock Holmes


New photos have surfaced from the set of Guy Ritchie’s upcoming movie about Sherlock Holmes. The pictures are definitely promising. Robert Downey, Jr. as Sherlock Holmes and Jude Law as Dr. Watson look perfect for the roles. It’s hard to get a feel for how the movie will turn out simply by looking at production pictures, but if a picture says a thousand words, then here are about three thousand words of praise for the glory that is Ritchie and Sherlock. [First Showing]

Madonna Made Guy Ritchie Sign a Sex Contract


The divorce between Madonna and Guy Ritchie continues to get uglier with reports that Guy Ritchie was contractually obligated to have sex with Madonna. The UK Sun is reporting that a marriage contract exists between the two and states that Guy must “work to enrich his wife’s emotional and spiritual wellbeing”, settle arguments by saying “I understand that my actions have upset you, please work with me to resolve this” and that they “devote time to our sexual expressiveness and not use sex as a stick to beat one another”. Sex and contracts… kind of sounds like prostitution. [WWTDD]


AC/DC's New Album Black Ice Sells Nearly 800,000 Copies


AC/DC has officially earned their first Billboard 200-topping debut with Black Ice. The legendary Australian band has hit the charts with the second-biggest sales frame this year. Take that, High School Musical!

The new LP was released exclusively through Wal-mart, Sam's Club and AC/DC's Web site, and moved 784,000 copies in the U.S. Black Ice has also earned the distinction of becoming the year's best-selling rock record, surpassing the 721,000-plus week-one sales put up by Coldplay's Viva La Vida or Death and All His Friends.

AC/DC topped the Billboard charts back in early 1982 with For Those About To Rock We Salute You, which climbed to No. 1, but did not debut there.[Roadrunner Records]


NASA Reveals New Rover For Manned Extraterrestrial Missions


NASA today released photos of their strange-but-functional next-generation lunar rover concept: the Small Pressurized Rover. Built on the NASA Chariot chassis, the futuristic rover is like a covered wagon for exploring new frontiers of the lunar environment. The SPR can be driven from inside without the need for space suits, giving astronauts more ability to control their movements and cover great distances. The vehicle can also be driven "chariot style" from the back, allowing astronauts to slip into suits and control backhoes, cranes or other tools. Though it is generations ahead of the Lunar Rover we are familiar with, the SPR still has that classic NASA white-and-gold look. [Jalopnik]

Candidate Uses Phone Sex to Get Up the Vote

A Republican candidate for the US congress is in hot water for using a sexy, call-girl sounding robocall. The call was crafted by 27 year-old Zane Starkewold, a long-shot candidate trying to unseat incumbent Democrat Mike Thompson in California’s 1st District. The calls started going out on Saturday and feature a breathy, sultry, grunting woman saying “Mike Thompson’ been a bad boy”. The call ends climatically with the girl urging voters to "vote 'yesss' for Zane." Starkewold has apologized for the manner the robocall was delivered, but not the message. [Trend Hunter]

Astronauts can Vote from Space

Ever since 1997 when Dave Wolf (what a rad name…) became the first astronaut to vote from space, those flyboys have had the option, nay, the duty to cast their electoral ballots from the inky depths of the universe. Most recently, astronauts Michael Fincke and Greg Chamitoff urged you to do the same.  Except for switch “send message from a spaceship” to “stop watching Spongebob reruns and go vote.” 

New Commercial Space Craft is a Fishbowl 


The appropriately-named company Armadillo Aerospace has a concept spacecraft for the commercial-level space race.  The idea is (we think) to have some kind of collapsible dome for weekend (space) warriors to float into when they breach the atmosphere giving them a “36-degree view of suborbital space.” Then, for reentry, they get back in the more substantial, metallic hull.  Tickets will go on sale for $100,000, but Expedia might be able to get a free continental breakfast to go with that. [Dvice]

New Pics From Raimi’s Hell


Going back to his roots, Sam Raimi – the director of the Spiderman films – has made a new horror film, titled Drag Me to Hell. It stars Justin Long (of the Mac ads; he plays the Mac) and Alison Lohman. As the pictures show, there is going to be at least one old-school, freaky-as-hell witch in the movie. This is definitely a blast to Raimi’s Evil Head and Army of Darkness past. Should fans be holding their breath for a Bruce Campbell cameo? Hard to say, nothing about Campbell has been mentioned. But I think everyone’s going to be disappointed if Raimi doesn’t throw in at least one very evil book. [Cinematical]

Spielberg Wants You to Vote

A new viral video traversing the web, urging viewers to vote, has about as many stars in one four and a half minute viral as any that has probably ever existed. Here are just a few: Steven Spielberg, Ben Stiller, Harrison Ford, Will Smith, Snoop Dogg, Tom Cruise, Scarlett Johansson, Shia LeBeouf, Cameron Diaz, etc. The list goes on. And on and on and on. And the video is actually really funny. They managed to mix entertainment with a message?! How has this survived the internet?! No, but seriously, check it out, it’s hilarious. And don’t forget to vote on Nov. 4 either. [Huffington Post]

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