Top 10 Noir Novels "L.A. Noire" Should've Used

June 6, 2011
L.A. Noire is a lot of things to gaming: an amazing advance in animation, a diverse mix of different types of gaming from adventure to platforming, and a successful attempt to revive an old city using photographs and research. But it really could have used some, well, more noir. Here are 10 noir novels that would have made great cases.

10. "A Game For the Living" by Patricia Highsmith

Source: Charles Stewart Cohen/Photodisc/Getty Images

Jim Thompson might just be the patron saint of L.A. Noire; a lot of his books were based on actual crimes perpetrated in L.A., just like the game. But only one of his novels makes an ideal case for the game...and it's not a murder.

Why It's Perfect: One of the problems with L.A. Noire is that the cases are all pretty much murders, but Los Angeles has had plenty of other kidnappings. Why doesn't Cole Phelps hunt down a kidnapper or two? Especially if the kidnapper is an escaped mental patient being manipulated by a femme fatale and a criminal? You've got detecting, car chases, and shootouts...probably the best mix of action you can get in this game. Oh, and also the bleakness of the protagonist being a man unable to distinguish between right and wrong and tortured by it...but that's only if you decide NOT to shoot him.