World Cup Referees Given Brief "Swearing Tutorial"

June 10, 2010

In order to help regulate in-game swearing, World Cup referees were given a list of uncouth words to watch out for during the competition. Finally, somebody is putting those foul-mouthed Slovenians on notice.

The four-letter lesson plan resulted from English star Wayne Rooney’s difficult-to-understand tempter tantrum during a warm-up match earlier this week. (Seriously, what’s a wanker?)

"At the end of the day, you don't understand half of it," former Premier League and FIFA referee Graham Barber said. "So what do you do about it? Say 'I think he swore he at me, so I sent him off?' You don't, do you?"

Thus, they have taken the guess work out of profanity-deciphering and established an objective guide of which words are acceptable.

Because if there was one thing fans hated about soccer referees it was their blatant disregard for clean language. The whole "blown calls" thing will probably just work itself out.

Photo: Photodisc/Getty Images