Forrest Griffin on Anderson Silva and Impotence

July 28, 2009

Forrest Griffin has grown into one of the world's top fighters, but what fans seem to love most about him is his quirky sense of humor and uncanny ability to suck you into the most obscure conversations imaginable.

For example, in this interview with, he admits that a rematch between he and Tito Ortiz would be a possibility (if Tito actually makes his rumored return to the Octagon), but by the end of the interview you've almost forgotten it was even mentioned.

The mere thought of a Griffin/Ortiz fight could almost give you goose bumps: The Savior of MMA vs. the Prodigal Son in his triumphant return. But somehow you're more interested in figuring out if he's really going to jump out of a pool wearing nothing but a c*ck ring.

He discusses everything from the marketability of impotence, to his thoughts on Kimbo Slice, a potential television appearance and, oh yeah, his upcoming fight with the world's best pound-for-pound fighter.

And for some inexplicable reason it's all so freaking interesting.

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Source: Jon Kopaloff/Getty Images Sport