6 Movie Babes to Fight Gina Carano

January 13, 2009

The rumor mills, as they will, have been churning for some time now about a possible Octagon appearance for wonder girl Gina Carano, but as a recent fiveouncesofpain report indicates, this rumor may be closer to reality than we thought.

Gina will forever be remembered as the fighter who kick started women's MMA in the U.S. and for that we will always love her. Kind of like the Christopher Columbus of the sport, except without all the land-stealing and aggressive entitlement issues and stuff. She sports a perfect professional record of 7-0, and has proven to be a seriously hardcore fighter, but let's call a duck, a duck here, people; She's effing hot. And there's nothing wrong with a little hot-on-hot humor from time to time, so take a minute to enjoy this list of Hollywood babes we would die to see step into the Octagon for a three-round sweat-fest.

Barb Wire/Barbwire


Played by one of the all-time hottest hotties, Barb Wire has been ushering 14-year-old wonderers into the confusing world of hair dye and silicone for over a decade and is still hot as ever. Her gun-wielding ways obviously won't be allowed in the Octagon, but this babe proved she can kick some serious butt, mano a mano (well sorta), thus making this a great potential matchup for Carano's UFC debut.

Lara Croft


Either version of Lara would do (like the one pictured here), but Angelina Jolie's incarnation of Lara Croft was cinematic mastery at its best and who wouldn't love to watch these two marvels of modern nature go at it in a no-holds-barred grudge match for ultimate hottie supremacy?



One of the original bad girls of the big screen, Barbarella introduced us to the world of buxom bombshells long before it was cool for chicks to kick ass. For this, we will forever honor you, Barbarella, but we can't harp on the past. It's time to usher in a new generation of fearsome femmes and we'd like nothing more than to see today's baddest babe kick the ever-loving crap out of you. There will be no "excessive machine" (machine that causes so much sexual pleasure that it can result in death) here Barb, just nasty head kicks and choke holds. Suck on that.

Sand Saref (Eva Mendes, The Spirit)


Has anyone ever made it look so good to be so bad? Sand Saref, the sultry vixen who torments the soul of The Spirit shall get her due in the steel cage with "Conviction." Her ambiguously evil heart will have no where to hide within the confines of the fence and it will be the most glorious showing of hottie hegemony the world has ever seen.



Chyna might very well represent Gina's biggest threat inside the Octagon, but leave the leather at home, Chyna Doll this fighting is for real. No scripts here, just unbridled boobage. And hey, if she can get owned by Joey Buttafuoco on Celebrity Boxing 2 she can't be too much of a threat to our golden girl.

Megan Hauserman (Rock of Love)


                                                              (Hey, where'd you guys hide the tanning lotion?)

We see this octagonal battle as more of a perfect storm for the fantasy driven. Maybe she hits her and maybe, oops a boob pops out, causing each lady to stop, see how dangerous this really is, and think about "Maybe we should stop all this fighting." They'll ultimately gaze at each other and just make out, gently tugging each others hair in between frenching and gasping for air... Not that we've spent any long nights thinking about this or anything, but, well, you know.

Note: Notice how we didn't put her up against any professional female golfers (shudder).