Robbie E: Human Party Foul

by Robbie E   June 20, 2012 at 6:00PM  |  Views: 12,995

What up, my dudes? To take my mind off the Bound for Glory Series that I will win, this weekend me and bigger Rob hit up some barbecues here in Jersey. Now, when I am at The Shore I am regularly getting invited to random parties, clubs, etc. as people always wanna be around Robbie E and Robbie T and attempt to get on THE LIST. Well here are a few reasons why you shouldn't have us at your gathering. It's this weeks LIST!

5 - We will never be out drank. Whether it's Jäger bombs, flavored Michelob Ultras or shots of tequila... Me and bigger Rob will always out drink you*.

4 - We need protein to keep these muscles in check, which means we're gonna eat all your food, bro. Burgers, steaks, chicken or hot dogs we're gonna eat it all...

3 - Girls, girls, girls. If you are a dude having a BBQ why would you want us there? Every girl will be all over us and realize what hamsters all the other guys are. You, for instance.

2 - Our bodies, duh! No one will look better than us shirtless. Our jacked pecs all the way down to our chiseled tanned calves. Bully Ray got nothing on me and Bigger Rob, my dude.

1 - Our dancing skills, man. After a few drinks when the DJ gets the beats flowing me and bigger Rob will bust out dance moves you only wish you could do, bro. We'll be shirtless, grinding on your girl and you'll have to do the Dougie in the corner by yourself, stone cold sober and hungry as hell, ya hamster.

Until next week. Oh! you Aint on the LIST bro!

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*Spike reminds you that if you're going to drink, drink responsibly.


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