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Captain Morgan BracketMaster Challenge - Winner Revealed!

by spike.com   April 04, 2011 at 5:00PM  |  Views: 2,015

It's the moment you've been waiting for: After nearly eight weeks of neck-and-neck competition, your votes have been tallied and we can reveal the Ultimate Morganette of the year!

This year, the Captain Morgan Bracketmaster Challenge was bigger than ever, with five rounds and 32 of the loveliest Captain Morgan Morganettes from all over the country. But as special as all of these women are, only one can be crowned the Ultimate Morganette...and the winner is Kelly from Miami in the South bracket!

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Along with your votes, Kelly couldn't have made it all the way to the winner's circle without the help of her "coach" Joshua Estrin from Examiner. And we would be remiss not to mention the hard work of all the contestants and their coaches:

Jenny – Hugging Harold Reynolds Alanna – Blogs with Balls Niki – Ego TV Katie D. – Gunaxin Katie P. – One Great Season Emily – Socially Superlative Monica – Brahsome Roxanne – Terez Owens Danielle V. – Brobible Rachel – Busted Coverage Heather – Don Chavez Danielle B. – Arrowhead Addict Maya – Sports Crackle Pop Katherine – Sports Hernia Erin – The Rugged Alexis – With Leather Mary – Black Sports Online Kelly – Examiner Ashley - Guyism Erica M. – Man Jr. Tiffany – Next Round Luiza – PlunderGuide Brenda – The Bachelor Guy Jeannine – Uncoached Nicole – COED Magazine Jacquelyn – Deuce of Davenport Stephanie – Hoop Doctors Natalia – Joe Sports Fan Angie – Mankind Unplugged Erica V. – Midwest Sports Fans Hope – Strait Pinkie Yeni – That Sports Babe