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Comic-Con 2010: Full Cast of The Avengers Announced

by GTshane   July 25, 2010 at 6:26PM  |  Views: 394

In what many expected, the entire cast of The Avengers was announced at the Marvel panel at Comic-Con. Hit the jump to see who's playing The Incredible Hulk and Hawkeye.

Samuel L. Jackson came on stage just as the Marvel panel was wrapping up at Comic-Con 2010 and announced Mark Ruffalo would be replacing Ed Norton as The Incredible Hulk. Ruffalo most recently appeared in Shutter Island and Where the Wild Things Are. The final piece of the puzzle was put into place when Jeremy Renner from The Hurt Locker was announced as Hawkeye.

The full cast is as follows:

Scarlett Johansson - The Black Widow (yum!)

Chris Hemsworth - Thor

Chris Evans - Captain America

Clark Gregg - Agent Coulson

Robert Downey Jr. - Tony Stark

Samuel L. Jackson - Nick Fury

Jeremy Renner - Hawkeye

Mark Ruffalo - The Incredible Hulk

Earlier this week it was also announced at Comic-Con that Joss Whedon is directing the film. Controversy swirled not long ago when it was announced that Ed Norton was not reprising his role as the green behemoth. The Avengers is currently scheduled for release May 4, 2012.



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Source: Wendy Redfern/Redferns/Getty Images


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