The Auction Hunters Are Crazy For Carnival Loot

December 2, 2011
This week was big business for Ton and Allen as they traveled to Stanton, CA for a one-of-a-kind early morning auction. Stanton is a huge manufacturing center so the finds here were big, shiny, and expensive. Did theAuction Hunters find some goldmines in the Orange County city? Read on to find out.


Sold For: $4,500

The next storage unit for Ton and Allen was a carnival scavenger hunt it seemed: first Ton picked up a pair of BB guns, and then Allen dug up some big milk cans. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out you got carnival loot on your hands. After the boys scraped together all the carnival game parts they could find, they got to work with some tools and elbow grease and restored the carnival game to brand new. As awesome as it was to just stand there in awe of the great carnival game, however, it was then time to put the fun and games aside and find a serious buyer. Down at the amusement park awaited Leamon, a carnie arcade owner and veteran carnival worker who was interested in the game. His accent threw Allen off a bit, as he only understood his laugh, but Allen knew he was willing to fork over some dough for their sweet find. Leamon spared no time and suggested they try out the game before they talk turkey, so Allen grabbed a BB gun and hailed bullets at a target. Leamon immediately said he'd take the carnival game for $1,500, but Allen goes above and beyond that offer and said he wanted $6,000. Leamon laughed off Allen's counter-offer like he was a circus clown, and stated he could do $4,000 at the most. Luckily, Ton stepped in and tells Leamon they should cut the difference and settle at $4,500 – we got a deal! Interesting finds sure do bring in interesting buyers, let's remember that.

Stanton was a great place for Ton and Allen to practice their martial arts and show off their carnival game skills, but of course they also made some serious cash this week: they dropped just $800 on two storage units, sold their awesome items for $8,430, and raked in $7,630 in profit.

Carnival games aren't easy as you'd think, take a looksie at how Allen did with shooting a target by watching this week's episode "Early Bird Special" now available on Be sure to stay tuned for the latest Auction Huntersnews and updates on Facebook, as always.