Deadliest Warrior fictional episode - Wehrmacht vs. Imperial Army

July 8, 2009

What if the two Axis powers chose to fight each other instead of the Aliies?
What if Hitler wanted to start the uppance of Emperor Hirohito's Imperial state?
What if the bloodthirsty Banzai chargers stood toe-to-toe with the vicious Waffen SS?

Well, here's what I'd see...

Wehrmacht Soldier
Long Range - Karabiner 98K
Medium Range - Maschinenpistole 40
Short Range - Walther P38
Special Weapon - Stielhandgranate Model 24/Bouncing Betty

Imperial Infantry
Long Range - Arisaka Type 38 rifle/Type 99 light machinegun
Medium Range - Type 100 submachinegun
Short Range - Katana
Special Weapon - Type 97 rifle grenade

Personally, I have my bets deep for the Imperials, since they lead the dreaded Banzai charges, and, also to the fact on how petrified they were against the Allies; how they would react to these guys?  I don't know...