Top Shelf Tuesday - January 26

January 24, 2010

Tuesday is here, and you know what that means--it's time to start thinking about the latest hot releases. Luckily for you, we give you the best of the mess and put the junk to rest.

Source: Sony Computer Entertainment


Are you a fan of *big* multiplayer matches? Massive Action Game is possibly the most aptly titled game ever released. This first person shooter's claim to fame is the ability for up to 256 players to fight on the same map. To manage a match that enormous, MAG employs a complex squad system, which allows higher ranked players to lead squads, platoons, and ultimately, entire companies into battle, allowing players to respawn with their crew to get right back in the action. If you like your shooters on an "epic" scale, look no further than MAG.

The sequel to the highly claimed third person-shooter-meets-RPG, Mass Effect 2 continues the adventures of Commander Shepard as you take on a whole new adventure and a new cast of supporting characters. With new weapons, damage systems, more complex character interaction, and the ability to import your saved games from the original Mass Effect in order to play through with a continuous storyline, Mass Effect 2 is everything gamers loved about the first title, only bigger and better. What're you waiting for, solider?!



Source: Lionsgate

If you’ve followed every Saw movie up through Saw VI, then it would be pretty silly not to plunk down the moola to get the most recent sequel in the franchise. And you’ll get plenty of extra features, too, including commentary from the producers and director, the Jigsaw Revealed featurette, The Traps of Saw VI featurette, A Killer Maze: Making Saw Game Over, and even more goodies if you opt for the Blu-ray. Up for a little torture porn? You’ve come to the right place.

Surrogates is a great mix of action and sci-fi, and it doesn’t hurt that you’ll get to watch a lot of robots get destroyed and annihilated. Who doesn’t love that? The DVD extra features don’t hurt, either. Between the commentary with director Jonathan Mostow, the deleted scenes, and the Best Version of Yourself featurette, you’ll have lots of faux human-destroying awesomeness to keep you entertained until you’re ready to rewatch that battered copy of Blade Runner again.



Source: Matt Kent/Getty Images

Teen Dream is the third full-length LP by Baltimore dream-poppers Beach House. Recorded in upstate New York in a converted church and produced by Chris Coady, Teen Dream is the duo’s official Sub Pop debut. The new album gives voice to a full universe of unbridled imagination and the manifestation of Teen Dream was a welcomed and all-consuming obsession for Beach House during the entire recording process. Both the CD and LP formats of Teen Dream will have a companion DVD featuring a video for each song on the album, each by a different director. Get it!

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