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Season 3 is a Go!

by mhofstatter   August 16, 2010 at 6:30PM  |  Views: 1,774

Deadliest Warriors, your prayers have been answered.  The Warriors are back and they're deadlier than ever.  Spike has renewed Deadliest Warrior for a third season starting in Summer 2011.  Joining Geoff and Dr. Dorian this time around will be the newest DW team member, Richard "Mack" Machowicz, a badass Navy SEAL and martial arts expert for over 30 years.

As the Spike network's first franchise hit, Deadliest Warrior will unspool 10 new episodes which will delve deeper into the history of the legendary warriors and create an even more comprehensive picture of these tough-as-nails combatants.  The new season will also expand its scientific exploration of the warriors' weaponry, detailing their innovation and as well as their technology.

Continuing to add to the DW franchise is Deadliest Warrior: The Game for Xbox Live.  As a top-seller the game will be bringing in new content in the months ahead.  Xbox will also continue to serve as an opportunity for fans to directly download episodes which remain available across all networks and download-to-own platforms like iTunes and PSN.

This past season featured such iconic warriors as Atilla the Hun, Alexander the Great, and fan favorite Rajput Warrior from India.  Stay tuned to Spike.com and sign up for the Warriors Den for all future updates and further insight into the exciting season of Deadliest Warrior.  Tighten those boots and sharpen those blades...the battle has arrived!  

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